In the shop

in the shopin the shop IIin the shop IIIin the shop IVBowls of wooden love.

You can fill them up with what you will.

But before any of that,

they were filled with the devoted and patient touch of two craftsmen.


Sharing with the tree~art.

And the beauty inside of everything.

AJJA Wood!  Back today at the Portand Saturday Market!

Woodworking on the farm

This was the table we enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner on this year.  It replaced the first table the farmer built, exactly two Thanksgivings ago.  And while I loved (loved, loved, loved) that other table, my new one is really a thing of beauty.  Crafted not just by the farmer, but primarily by his new business partner and our dear, dear friend, not to mention the boys, who helped sand it and sand it so that it would be ready for our feast, it was truly a gift to be thankful for this year.

The level of craftsmanship has definitely improved here on the farm, and the love of that work, the wood working, has grown too.  So much so that these two men have officially, officially created a business.  AjjA Woodworkers.  They are making some wonderful things out in that farm shop.  We are still busy getting everything in order, but the website is up, and there will be a way to order online soon via both the site and and etsy.  For this year’s holidays, we can be contacted and will happily set something up.  Otherwise, this wood will mostly be making the local’s season bright.

luca's table

luca's table 2

And just like the oldest boy is getting interested in what I am doing and trying it out, our Luca is expanding his woodworking skills right alongside his papa.  He has always been more inclined to work with his hands and his body–in the field with his papa, or with some yarn and knitting needles, and most often, in the shop with some wood.  He made this table for me.  I knew he was working on it, and I knew he was having a hard time getting those legs figured out, and I think he may have gotten close to quitting a few times, but he did it!  And then, he was too excited to wait until Christmas to gift me with it, so he asked me if he could give it to me early.  I love it so much.  And it fits right in the space beside my bed.

I sure do love this overflowing.  The trying on of various creative means by our kids.  I know that when we do it, we stretch and grow, so I hope it helps them do the same.

As for my first table, that is where it has landed, in the sewing/painting room, ready for some holiday crafting.  Even though it stretches me sometimes, I can’t help but make at least something for everyone on my Christmas list.  I am sure that the next few weeks will be busy, but all around my home I have these handcrafted beauties to inspire  me.

my first table

my first table 2

let's get crafty