a holiday give away!

woodcraft, woodworking, black walnut, oregon, spatulawoodcraft, handmade, artisan, oregon, spatulacutting board, woodcraft, made in the USA, orgeon, artisan, black walnut, serving tray, woodcraft, handmadeend grain cutting board, woodcraft, woodworking, handmade christmascutting boardsend grain cutting boardToday, just for fun and to spread some holiday cheer, we are taking a little break from the regularly scheduled heart and soul writing that makes up this space to highlight my dear husband’s wood craft business.  Woodworking started as a side project, winter work, something to fill the space left by the off season on the farm, to keep him busy and add some income to our somewhat capped farming situation.  But this year it has expanded beyond that, far beyond, and it has been a true blessing for our family and the perfect complement to our labor of love, growing food.

In honor of growing businesses and craftsmanship, and to bring some hand-crafted, micro-made love to all of you, we are offering one reader the gift of AjjA!  This was a year that also brought many of you to this space, from all the corners of the world, and that has been amazing too.  This wood work is a part of us, and this blog, and it feels right to share it with all of you, whether it is for your own holiday season, or as likely not for all you international readers.  It is the two hands of my sweet love and those of his partner and dear friend, working every day and night in the wood shop.  It is beauty we can share with the whole world.  Those veggies we grow, also a work of art, well, they stay right here in my home sweet valley home.

So, today, a giveaway!  From us!

You can read more about my husband and his partner and their wood craft journey on their website, www.ajjawood.com.  You can also order from there, and we are currently offering a discount for all online orders via my small viral outreach.  Enter coupon code LOVE20 for 20% off any orders made now through Sunday, December 15.  And by leaving a comment here, sharing something wonderful or just a hello, you will be entered to win one of of our beautiful hybrid straight/end grain 8 X 9 cutting boards, a perfect treat for you or gift for someone special.  Include your e-mail address or make sure to click to follow the comment threads to find out if you have won!  Winner will be announced Monday morning!

Thank you all for joining along with us this year, in this virtual space!

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