still life

photography, kitchen, capture the light, still life A still life.  Sometimes, that sounds just right, doesn’t it?  Or we look around and see so many perfect, beautiful, still shots of life and think, yes!

But the only blessing of stillness is in the reminder.  It isn’t meant to last.  It isn’t meant to be the way of things.  It is a moment. You breathe, you know, you remember.  And then it goes, because it is fleeting, at best, and rightly so.  You return to movement.  Flurried, fast.  Full.

You move and all the things around you move, and keep right on moving nearly non stop.  And it is good, moving, as quickly as you fly, because that is what life is.  Don’t try to slow it down too often.  Just often enough.

Just long enough to capture the light.  To tuck it back inside you, fill yourself back up.  But it doesn’t really pay, in the end, to linger.  Turn those beams back onto the road.  Drive.

A still life is stagnant, it isn’t what we crave.  We crave the reminder, the refreshing.  So take those in small bites and keep moving.  And find all the grace and gratitude you can manage for the movement, because really, it is the stuff of life, it is your light shining through your life.   The movement around you and the mess of living, hopefully it is the mess and movement of surrounding yourself with love, through others or work or play.  Love!

Happy Wednesday All!

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