Seeing through

The moments are hard to hold onto in summer. Time flies by, filled with hours in the sun, the dirt.

Food flows, overflows.

Fields bergeon.

Rest is found in exhaustion, not necessarily repose. Stillness, at the end of the day, is hazy at best. But click, click–the camera can see through it all. It finds moments, captures time. I suppose that is why we all love it so. It helps me wade back into my mind when my body is in full motion. I liken summer to bursting, winter to contracting. But we all need to flow back and forth through these moments every day, in all our seasons.

We all find our own ways to see us through. Busy can be a reality, a state of motion, a time of the year. But busy can also be a state of mind, and I find that of no use most of the time. To find the thing that slows time, that gives us back to ourselves.

That is the present, to be present.

Seeing through

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