Rise up!

pretty eggs

pretty sweet boy

I have a million and one things to say about yesterday’s holiday.

From an ode to the sweetness of my wonderful kids and more praise for glorious weather.  Simple gratitude for simple fun and lovely gatherings.

To beginnings, resurrections, growings~in the ground, in the body, and in the heart.

But the two words that ended up on the chalk board under the words Happy Easter this year are just right and straight to the point–

rise up.

To your life, to your day.

Rise up, again and again, like the sun in the morning and the green from the brown.

The spring from darkest winter.

Your spirit can soar–should soar–while your feet touch this ground.

That rising is what matters, through it all.

The lessons of Easter are many, but the crux of it is this (and this applies to every single day).  Here is a day to think about what it means to be both deity and person.  Here is a day to practice the wild duplicity of being human and alive in this world.  Here is a day to try, once again, your hand at perfecting the art of simply being~a mother playing a magic bunny~as well as magnificently being~a never ending tide of upward motion.

magic making

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