Become one with me; happy solstice!


I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the world to shine a little brighter.

Even though I am this mystery of duality at times, with the me on the one hand, trying not to point out to everyone that just as so many others before us have thought that the dooms day was coming, this isn’t the first time we humans have also thought that the golden age was upon us either–the me with a mind that critiques everything; and then the me on the other hand that is just a heart that bleeds with love and hope, the me that can’t help but believe always and forever that the best will happen–the eternal optimist.

And isn’t that just what it means to be alive, all of us saddled with the contradictions of flesh, bones, dirt, sorrow, spirit, breath, life, joy?  The two sides of the human coin.  What did you imagine coming?  Or did you, just a bit, like me, think that this was only more of that same aching and reaching exemplified in these two scenarios?

But reasonable conclusions aside, one theory about what this new age will bring is a moving from the dual to the singular.  Peaceful unity, and I like the sound of that, that is where I will place my bets.  That is the side–while there still are sides–that I am on.  So, human beings around the world, let’s do this.  Let’s change the world.

Let’s join the solstice sun in shining a little more and a little stronger and a little warmer each day from here forth.

“Winter is the warmest season” says the book the kids and I have been reading, so do not despair.

Happy winter! 

Happy returning of the sun–the blessed, blessed sun!

Happy end of the world and beginning of an era!  Let’s see about ending some of that infamous two-sidedness of our human condition.

Let’s aim to become one.

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