In the beginning. I am thankful for this love.

I am hopelessly in love with these five people, perhaps slightly to a fault.  I have truly made them my world, but since I am convinced that the only thing that will really matter when the lid is closed on my story is how much kindness and love I left in the hearts of those who will remember me, I don’t mind wrapping so much of myself up in them.

It is a small form of escapism, I know.  But at least one with a worthy outcome.

And so, first and foremost, this Thanksgiving and always, I am and will be eternally grateful to share my life with these people.

I have yet to make a true list of those things, big and small, that I am especially thankful for this year, yet to gather the children and the farmer together so they can make their lists too.  It hasn’t seemed like that time of year to me yet, I’m not sure why.   After all, it has been such an interesting year.  I really should settle myself down with the telling of it soon, I know.

But I haven’t yet, and so I am starting here.  With the thing I am most sure of.   This love.

I am thankful for this love.

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