Elderberries at Sunset

Look what blew in on the wind two years ago and planted itself in a perfect spot and produced a decent crop of so-good-for you berries this year!  Elderberries!

These grow wild in the hills here and we have gone collecting them in the fall before to freeze and make syrup with for the winter since they pretty much kick the pants out of the various colds and flus that come along with the changing seasons.  So, we were pretty thrilled when we identified the little sapling growing in our backyard a few years ago.  It finally produced berries this year, and I almost missed the harvest because I didn’t realize that the birds were snacking on them quite as soon as I should have; still, it was a fun little harvest.

We will still need to go find some or order some dried for the winter, but having my own tree makes me very, very happy.  And since we are in the rounds of sore throats and runny noses and coughing at night this week, this small bit will make a nice syrup to use right away.

We snacked on a few, the baby and I, on the steps as the sun set the other night.  Tiny moments, like these tiny berries, can hold so much.  I felt like I hadn’t sat for so long.  Watched the sunset, been still.  Two year olds are so good for helping slow things down.  There are a million little things this boy wants to show me making it seem like there are a million things I can’t get done; but gosh, is he so sweet.  It is always worth the letting go of my own movement in favor of his.  These little things, so fortifying.  It’s a wonder we ever lean towards thinking that its the big and loud and exciting that matter more.

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