September was:

canning, drying, freezing, jamming, beaches, hikes, early freezes, back to home-schooling, messy house making, returning to Sunday, not weeding, still watering, kind of waiting for the real turning of the seasons but loving the lingering heat too.

A baby turned two.  A papa turned thirty-four.

We are, this family and farm, growing and changing and the two grown-ups here are really excited and happy, despite some of the hard moments we faced this summer, with the decisions and enlightenment this season brought us.

Was there anything more to ask of September?

I guess it has come and gone and was as full as could be.

We are still swimming in the river, although the nights and mornings are cold and so even the heat of the day can’t warm the water as much as before.  Still, the other night as I was turning off lights and putting the house to bed, I walked by the woodstove and was flooded with the memory of a warm fire in the house. I couldn’t help but want that, just a little bit.  Moving forward, that’s what the end of September feels like, and forward is always the right direction to go.

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