summer: check in

Another beautiful summer week, we’ve been busy weeding wonderful summer crops that are flowering and fruiting and almost ready for harvest like green beans and cucumbers, planting winter crop starts like crazy and working up the rest of the ground those transplants and seeds will go into, and taking a wee bit of time on many of these hot days to splash in the river!
Still, as hot as it is, I think that until crops like green beans and cucumbers and summer squash start making there appearance (next week or so for some of that), these beginning of the season harvests are the ones people have the hardest time with.  Larger farm operations utilizing acres of greenhouses or growing with synthetic fertilizer on black plastic can grow things faster than we can with the slow but steady release of nutrients organically provided from well tended soil and out in the field.  With things even behind by a few weeks, it can be hard to wait, but there will be weeks and weeks of those crops we associate with summer eating; once they start, they must be harvested over and over again!
The idea of helping out on the farm and of work parties continues to come up in conversations with members and we are still trying to figure out how to make that work in a positive, fun, and helpful way.
All in all, things are well and good on the small cosmos of our farm.  We are trying to stay present in the moment and not live too much in next year, a tricky thing to do in the business of farming it seems, since we are in the thick of summer at the same time we are planning and planting for harvests up to nine months away!  Still, it is summer now, and there is nothing quite so beautiful as the sunlight glistening off the river droplets all over my children’s bodies as they splash around, nor anything quite like watching summer plants grow, so fast and vigorous compared to the rest of the year.  We all can probably do that in these months if we keep ourselves well watered and in the sun!

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