Rainy Days

Last week the weather went from snow to glorious-the angels-are-singing-and-I-will-stay-outside-and-move-compost-and-plants-way-past-dinnertime-sun in one day.  That sun was pretty much gone by Sunday, but for the few days it was here we reveled.   The last few days have been rainy and feel a little like a let down even when they are not unexpected.  After a few days of being able to be outside almost all day, the house feels cramped with paper scraps and toys.

We have gotten out, of course.  We get outside every day and the smallest boy doesn’t care what the weather is; he announces, “shoe! shoe!” at the door almost first thing in the day.  Really the rain at this time of year is made all the more bearable by the warmth.  Yesterday he and I harvested some veggies for the family and a trade account and it was so nice I had to take off some of the wool I set out in.  And the birds, so chipped themselves with all that bird song.   It is hard not to stay outside even as our pant legs get soaked.

We are at that point in the year when our bodies and minds feel a driving energy that time inside just doesn’t suit.  We can get creative and stave off true cabin fever for now, but who doesn’t really just want to be out in the dirt right now?  I know I do.

10 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. Oh Sheila I so agree with you about the weather. We are cramped inside as well. We are done with the rain. Thank goodness for a warm fire and good books. Now to brave the rain to feed the latest baby. I hope she makes it. She is not staying inside all week. Those greens have me drooling.

    • thanks! I thought it would work nicely in black and white and it also served the purpose of softening the distraction of little household messes and stained carpet that these house shots picked up too 🙂

  2. What great pics of the kids, when you live in the country the weather really dominates your days doesn’t it.. It makes us change our minds and our ways. Spring is coming! c

    • It is so true, I sometimes feel a little trite bringing up the weather again, but it really is almost everything in our line of work! Especially right now here in the Pacific NW, we have so much we could do and want to do but it all depends on when we get enough dry days in a row to dry out the fields so we can work them up. It always happens, but while we are waiting it is always a bit torturous!

  3. Oh yes oh yes, I am ready to be outside all day! That one day of sunshine was so glorious it almost made the rain this week too much to bear. I fear my toes will never be warm again. Soon, soon!


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