A Happy Spring and A Happy Birthday

Eight years ago on a spring equinox in Nebraska, our sweet Luca was born.  It was decidedly sunny and warm and I was out hanging clothes on the line first thing in the morning when labor began.

This year, the farmer took our birthday boy and his brother up to the mountains to play in the snow because this boy loves the snow and proclaims winter his favorite because of it.  The funny thing was, it almost snowed here yesterday on a decidedly grey and cold first day of spring.  The weather has been colder than it seems it should, with more snow in the foothills and sometimes the valley itself in March than I can remember in our wee seven years of living here.  We had a goal of finishing our greenhouse by March to plant in expecting a long spring, but now we are really pushing to finish because it seems we are having a long winter too.

That’s ok though, because this boy was named in honor of the lengthening days the equinox brings (Luca means “bringer of light” in Italian), and now I often call him my sunshine boy because his smile and cute dimple and twinkling eyes really do light up my life and our home, no matter the weather.

He is our down to earth and practical child, preferring real work to flights of fancy, and if we had to wager on who would be the future farmer, he would be our bet.  He spends his free time outside digging giant ponds and building forts and often joins his papa in the woodshop to make wooden swords by the millions–seriously, we have so very many wooden swords!   He is also the most diligent field helper of the lot, and I think his daddy is having a lot of fun spending that extra time with him.

He is a bit reserved but quite friendly, and sometimes quiet–it can be hard for him to get a word in with his boisterous older brother around.  But he is so, so thoughtful; totally sweet and kind.  He has a big, big heart–and sometimes it’s a tender one.

But mostly, it shines.

And maybe, the sun will do some of that soon too.  Another spring has begun, hooray!  And another year for a very wonderful boy, hooray, hooray!

One thought on “A Happy Spring and A Happy Birthday

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