Each time

Let me tell you, it is just as fun the fourth time around as the first, second, and third.  Each time, it has been equally exciting and amazing.

Those first milky smiles and baby coos, the learning to crawl and then those first stumble-y steps…breathtaking.

Right now, we are discovering books.  We read from 2-3 baby chosen favorites many, many times a day.  They are all about farm animals and he is most interested in their sounds–ironic, really, since we have downsized dramatically in the farm animal department this year and currently only have four pigs almost ready to go to the butcher.

Books are a big part of our lives here, and bringing the smallest fry into the literature loving fold tickles this mama just as much as ever.

We are also discovering language in a BIG way!  Each day a new word is added to the talk. Shoe, up, off, door, go, eat, more, these are the recent favorites.  And as the phase of development where “mama” means a million different things is slowly being replaced with these single words used both as definitions and questions with lots of pointing–not to mention for things they don’t actually refer to exactly a lot of the time too, it is just as sweet and fascinating and fun as ever.

This boy has the sweetest voice, and when he uses it my heart melts.

He sings with it too, a lot, and this is kind of his own thing.  He loves to sing and dance and listen to music, I think Cadence was just the right name.  Each time there is something new and unique these children bring with them, and each time, that is pretty neat too.

We feel the same way about going through the growing seasons.   As repetitive as the cycle of growing is, each time we are just as excited to move through it, both for its sameness every time and because it is different every year too.

There are the varieties of things, some tried and true, with flavors and appearance we look forward to.  We eagerly await that first taste of sweet pea, roasted green beans and Italian summer squash, the first fresh, sliced, heilroom tomato.   And always, there are new things to try; this year we are especially curious to see the Indigo Purple tomato, to taste the fresh garbanzo beans.

There is the weather, always moving from winter to spring to summer to fall.  But the how and when is always a little different with a different impact on the growing things.  Each year, different crops stand out in their abundance, others treasured for their scarcity for whatever reason.  Endlessly fascinating, the variable but steady nature of this work.

There is no doubt about it:  watching little sprouts grow up…each time, it is a miracle.

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