Springing forward

With just a little over a week until the SPRING!! equinox, the farm is coming to life again.  The greenhouse is full of baby plants, seeds have been sown in the ground, and although there is still quite a bit of time in the day for the farmer to work in the shop on some woodworking projects as well as an infrastructure project, the list of things to do in the greenhouse and field continue to grow.

Our kitchen has seen the first taste of the season’s sprouting broccoli–bright purple and oh so delicious, not to mention a big jar of nettle pesto to help brighten up those pots of lentils we enjoy in winter.  Last year, the spring was so long that the harvest of one of our favorite early spring crops, the rapinis (flowering heads of overwintered brassica plants), went on for much longer than usual.  So long, in fact, that we began to grow weary of it (a first I can assure you!).

Still, as the first of the rapini in our fields make there way to our table, we have come around to them again just like we do with all the other seasonal crops.  Rapini and spring go hand in hand and even though the flavors are much like the greens from the plants they grow on–flavors we have been enjoying all through the winter–a new shape and texture, and new ways to cook them (roasted rapini=yum) bring a bit of excitement to the plate.

Livening up, things are!

We have splashes of yellow daffodils all over the house, more sun in the day than we quite know what to do with yet as we adjust to everyone having a bit more energy after dinner than in the dark center of winter.  Routines are starting to shift; thankfully, the process is slow and building.

And speaking of building, that is part of what the farmer is doing in these last few winter days.  Here’s a sneak preview of what he is working on, a little buffer in case this spring is long like the last two have been.

Because as happy as we are when spring arrives, and as much as it might seem like it would be our favorite season–and the faith in the seed and the earth and the plan of the farmer and gardener each and every spring is a thing of wonder, truly–summer is a pretty darn important in the grand scheme of things.  It is the season we must try to capture the most of.

But not to jump ahead too much, spring is definitely where it is at, right now.

Every season at its inception is fabulous.  In spring, there is so much looking forward, so much promise in the air.  There is this wonderful mix of certainty from a season’s worth of planning and the mystery of just how this particular growing year will unfold.  I can’t wait to find out!

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