Take off

Really quick, before we slip into February and the year is officially on its way, let’s pretend that all year we will be as poised and ready for flight as we are in the freshness of January.

I have had this list floating around in my head for the past month or so, taking shape, refining itself into something worth paying attention to for the rest of the year.  These January lists, for me, are always filled with lots of maybe’s and only a bit of for sure’s.  Nonetheless, they always serve as good guideposts as I make my way through the months.

That boy above seen flying down the hill and exploding in light; a few weeks ago he made a list entitled, “pashions to fufill”.  It was one part impossible (for now) dreams (go to Hawyee (Hawaii) and Japan, build a small room on the roof, find a 1,000,000 doler bill), one part wishful thinking (get a laptop, die my hair), and one part achievable goals and aspirations (beacom a break dancer, become a master yo-yo-er, go to a concert of these bands-weezer, radiohead, snow patrol, beck, and get a bunch of lizerds).  It is also one part overarching approach to life–so unassumingly, he adds to this grand list, have fun.  That’s my favorite one.

And even though he still doesn’t take much time to make sure he is spelling everything right, he is never short on ideas.  The daily output of creativity–in the forms of drawings, paintings, story ideas, intricate imaginative games, mini books, jokes, dance moves, and songs–is nothing short of amazing.  And the same goes for all of my kids, and really, all children in general.  They breathe creation.

And so, taking a cue from the small folks in my my life, I am thinking about this year not in terms of resolutions, but rather in terms of passions to fulfill as well as in terms of creating the year, day by day.  Some things on my list may be impossible dreams for the year, but why leave them off the list?  Imagination isn’t only for the young in years, but for the young at heart, right?  Some may be wishful thinking, but it is those wishes I make every year and keep in my mind most clearly that tend to come true.  And unlike last year, I have a few goals set for myself as well, just to make sure my own cup doesn’t run dry by the end of the year like it did in 2011.

2012 Passions to Fulfill

  • more date nights with the farmer than I can count on one hand
  • a full larder come fall (since I haven’t preserved anything for the last few years)
  • a trip to California to visit Great Grandma, who totally rocks, so we all can see her at least one more time before she moves on
  • eating out here and here, since we ate out maybe once last year for Valentine’s day (here)
  • see much, much, much more live music, both mama and papa, and the whole family
  • take up running (I can’t believe it has come to this, but hey! it’s free and it’s outside and those rank pretty high on my exercise list)
  • begin to learn the fiddle
  • practice the piano
  • visit Nebraska, hug my nieces and brother and introduce them to their new cousin/nephew, bask in its landscape, so much a part of me, and the closeness of old friends, in all their familiarity
  • say yes more
  • go dancing with my love (I’m thinking tango or salsa lessons!)
  • get a canoe and take the kids floating on the river
  • remodel the kitchen, finish painting, and pull up the rest of the carpet in the house
  • heal some food allergies
  • re-institute the weekend, balance farming and family time
  • explore the city
  • find real ways to help end the wars, stop the spread of GMO crops, and improve the diet and health of the next generations 
  • be silly with the kids
  • let the little things slide
  • soak in the hot springs
  • make a rag rug
  • and make time ( I believe it’s possible)

Really, lists like these are not exhaustible and often need to be tweaked as life rolls by.

Really, they are just snapshots of the moment.  But still, I like them a whole lot.

And in the end, I rely heavily on picking something like have fun or be present or love to be my guide everyday, inserting other inspiring words like relax, focas, let go, dream, move, give thanks, and on and on as needed, hoping against hope to keep that frame of mind more hours of the day than not, the never ending work of being human.

And so, with a lot of inspiration and determination, and fortune willing, a little bit of grace, we embark.

3 thoughts on “Take off

  1. Huge but doable list of yours and what a wondrous list of your small boy with his fabulous feet flying up as he rushes away. What that list says to me is that he has been encouraged to dream. And there is no better gift to a child who will become an adult that the gift of dreaming and sifting through his dreams until he finds the one that fits.. wonderful! Are you getting all ready for the spring, it must be a very busy time around your place! c

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