Happy (Chinese) New Year!

This year I think I’ll throw my lot in with the Chinese calender and call this the start of a (great) new year.  I am a dragon child after all;  according to the eastern skies this will, indeed, be a year meant for me.   There was a part of me itching to go right after Christmas, ready for resolutions, goals, plans.  But there was another part of me right in the middle of serious pain, pain that began the day after Thanksgiving as what seemed like a sore muscle and turned into a misplaced rib and tightened shoulder/neck muscles causing nerve pain through my whole arm and hand, lasting through the holidays and into the start of my fresh, new year.

So, I just gave in, finally, to my body’s cry to slow down and practice some much overdue self care.  Part of that meant a few weeks of mellow.  After a busy and stressful year of adjusting to the new family size and the growing business pace, it was really what I needed.   At the start of last year, when I was riding high on the bliss of a very relaxed and positive year on the farm and a brand new baby, I intentionally didn’t set any goals for myself, wanting to just be with that new little guy as he grew that first year.  Still, there was such an ominous feeling to the beginning of 2011, I should have been a little less shaken by the stress of the little dip we took in our roller coaster ride, a little more prepared.  Instead, I just pushed through making sure to take care of everyone else.  As for myself, I certainly didn’t get enough sleep, and I drank way too much coffee!

But now our little guy is so solidly rooted in the family, another wild and wonderful sprout toddling along with his brothers and sister and making just as much mischief and laughter in our home as ever.  And I think that as much as last year was one with growing pains, this year is a year to grow, stretch, and work hard too, but without all the worry and feeling of being busy.  I had to stop drinking coffee and modify my diet as well as take myself to get a massage, a few chiropractic adjustments, and some accupunture (which really rocked the pain!).  It feels good to spend a bit of time mothering my own body a little, and I feel refreshed and ready to take on the year.

The farmer, too, was feeling really tired by the end of the season; but two week off of market and a new season to plan and he is as fresh as spring and ready to go!  The beauty of farming is that the end of the cycle–the winter, the death and dying part–it so quickly becomes the start of new! hope!  growth!


I am sure we will be just as busy and we have lots of plans, lots!  So there will be the balancing of the farm and the family, as always.  But it is the year of the water dragon, a year of good luck, prosperity, a year of flowing and flying high again!

Here is to a very happy new year!

2 thoughts on “Happy (Chinese) New Year!

  1. I know right? It seriously took me 10 years to realize that my cup was running low! But really, I think that is the difference for me between mothering new ones at 25 and at 35, I need more for me now to give that all to them than I did as a new mother with so much energy! I hope 2012 is a good year for your beautiful tribe and you, beautiful lady, too!

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