Small Gratitudes

And now for the fun part.  The part that really brings joy to this season.  The list of gratitudes, the small ones, the ones that lighten the darkness, keep warm the heart, and push away the other countless small complaints–the growing list of necessary car repairs, the broken dishwasher, the unpainted walls, the loss of yet another children’s shoe, the stains on the laundry, stupid stuff,really–that could take their place instead.

In no particular order, this year, this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for:

  • a picture perfect downtown, laden with gold and red leaves to kick around while strolling in the autumn, and now, as we approach Christmas, full of twinkle
  • the equally awesome indie stores and restaurants that line that street (as well as other streets in this town)
  • an indoor, year round market to bring our veggies to nearly 52 weeks of the year
  • arugula and delicata squash season!
  • wool to wear and wool to knit
  • wood heat (I swear it warms more than the house
  • the irreverence of 10 year old boys to keep my heart light
  • the intense and complete love of one five year old girl.  I can tell that next year she will have moved a little further along in the growing up category and she is holding on tight.  I am happy to hold on a little longer too.
  • silly, toothless smiles on the 7 year old boy.  His smiles are like sunshine already, but now they are so goofy that you can’t help but smile back.
  • watching the baby learn all the little things babies do and still finding it amazing, the fourth time around
  • seeing this same excitement in my older three children’s faces too.  This boy has sure got a lot of love surrounding him!
  • the amazing and endless love of a good husband
  • said husband’s ability to really let some of my less than stellar qualities roll off his back when they make an appearance…I’m pretty lucky
  • written words.  I would be lost without them, both others and my own.  
  • the mornings I wake alone to a quiet house all my own
  • the mornings I wake in a bed full of this family of mine and we all stay put and talk and share some silliness before the day even begins
  • expansion in all its forms (the farm, the family, the children, ourselves).  It can be hard, and scary, and sad some too, but it is always good.
  • good friends and new friends
  • grandma and grandpa

There is so much more, but the little things in my life are calling me back to them.  There is lunch to be made, dishes to wash, help with projects, stories to read, and a baby who needs a nap.  The small, the day to day, the mundane;  finding magnificence in that can be challenging, but it is well worth it.  May all of you find some of that everyday goodness this Thanksgiving too.

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