The sleepy sun

This morning the farmer gently nudged me awake at 6:00 but getting out of bed was the last thing I wanted to do–it was so darn dark out still!  The days are getting shorter by the minute.  A relief in many ways.  Last night I had help with the dishes while I managed the bedtimes of four sweet little urchins for the first time since March, right around the time of the last Equinox.  Day length is such a huge part of our routines, the seasons so wildly different in how our family operates and what our days look like.  As hard as it is to take the very full and long work days of summer, we gain equal measure of respite in the cooler, darker months.  That is a blessing.

All of our space for planting is planted, aside from the ground we will plant garlic in.  Of course, the weather has to challenge us in one way or another, and so just as we transplant very heat sensitive Asian and mustard greens out in the fields, we get the hottest days yet of this summer.  Some had already bolted in the seed tray, I am sure some will bolt after this weekend too, so depending on how they look, we may replant from seed some of these greens.  Still, we managed to get the farmer away to a picnic and to the creek in the early evening this week and we are headed to the beach to camp this weekend.  After an especially busy year, our family is happy to watch the sun set a little earlier.

That sunrise, however, could stay just as early as in summer I say– I do loathe waking up when it is still dark!  Some things don’t change with the seasons, and a mama has to get up and start the day at about the same time the whole year through!

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