In the meantime: Part II


We still don’t have computer access in our home, and even though at first this was a hassle, enough time has passed that I suppose you could say we have gotten used to it (not that as soon as the farmer has some spare time (ha! ha!) I won’t be asking him to get the whole thing fixed up for me).  In the meantime, while summer comes to a head, here’s what we have been up to:


*started tractor shopping.  We are taking this nice and slow since we only have a certain amount of investment money and want the best machine for our particular farm and needs.  Fun, a bit daunting, but very, very exciting!


*moved to full on summer-time harvesting of crops like summer squash, zucchinis, and cucumbers!  We love these ever abundant crops.  We are still waiting on tomatoes, but we have gotten a few eggplant from the greenhouse, and the peppers are all so close.  This will officially be the latest we have ever started eating ripe tomatoes, we just checked the records.  Interestingly enough, we found that it has gotten about a week later each year for the last three years, what the what???


*spent two glorious days away from the farm at our favorite, small, out of the way lake with some of our best friends.  Relaxing, yes!


*gone through our days with purple stained fingertips as we gorge on ripe blackberries.  I keep thinking the kids have bruises until I look closer and see that it is nothing more than smeared blackberry juice on this or that arm or leg.   As invasive and out of control as these Himilayan blackberries are, this time of the summer, when their sweet berries are here, there, and everywhere, works to slightly redeem them in my eyes.


*marveled with the kids at the huge haystacks scattered throughout the field across the road, looking like tall buildings in the middle of nowhere, vaguely surreal and suprisingly beautiful.  The kids long to climb them, and I recall my own days as a child playing among tall stacks of hay; so much fun, always scratchy!  The land is brown instead of green all around us now, things are dry…it is very August-y.  And it is finally hot.  One perfect month of summer is better than none.


*celebrated a boy turning 10 with a wild sleepover and loud dance party.  Celebrated myself turning 35, quietly with the farmer, the baby, and some of our dear friends while the big kids spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  Now, we are getting ready to celebrate both the farmer’s birthday and the little one’s 1st birthday next month.  Which is just to say, time continues to fly by.


*began preparing the coming school year-yikes!  It is hard to believe that in a little over a week, September will be here.  In some ways, I am so ready for the quiet of the end of the season.  Even though we farm year round, there comes a time, when all of the planting for the year is over, the weeding comes under control because everything is growing more slowly, and the main task at hand is harvesting each week.  This is a time of hussling to get a myriad of other things done on the farm and in the house that are not directly related to the crops, but it is in no way as busy.  And this year, that is a word I am not liking so much.  I am striving at least to not feel busy, thinking that it is partly a state of mind; but nevertheless, the main farming season crams a whole lot of work into its short window of extra light and extra warmth and extra growth.  I want all of that, I really do, for as long as it lasts.  I just have this tiny part of me that wants to quiet it all down for a while too.

Any way you slice it, this is it.  There are still some things on our summer to do list that we haven’t gotten to that I am hoping to make happen.  The drive-in.  The beach.  Painted toenails (it almost feels too late for this).  But the truth is, my head is already imagining all the wonderful things we get to do in the fall. 

Cherishing it all the best I can.  That is ever, and always, the goal. 

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