Our escape

Sometimes, the best way to turn it all around is this.

I hate that the stress of a challenging farming year can spill over into our family lives, but it does,and that’s just the thing about stress…it doesn’t know when to close the door itself unless we manage to muster the strength and shut it ourselves.  So in the midst of things, if I find myself grumpy and tense, I know that if I can just manage to get everyone into the car and to the creek (or lake or hills or whatever such local), then the miracle of children in nature and water gurgling and sun dappled leaves will take over and just like that, everything will be fine.

It helps when total strangers, a few different times this last week when we were out on just such, completely necessary escapes, stop me to say these words, “you have a beautiful family”.  In those moments, and all of our moments really, this is the greatest truth there is and all I need to remember.


Out at the creek with them tonight, I realized that keeping myself sane with moving water and river rocks and a sideline view to their discoveries (rocks and crawdads and mini snail-y things, oh my!) was the most important thing I could do for them this year. 

So no matter what, we will get away.  No matter the nitty gritty–which I mostly choose to ignore here as well as out and about in our community anyways–I will ignore it for these precious moments of simple escape with my little ones as often as possible too.

And I won’t even worry too much about the sand and river grit this little guy is getting into his mouth!

One thought on “Our escape

  1. Good for you!!! It is very important to engulf ourselves in nature, to explore new places, to share family time in the stillness of the moment.

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