Welcome summer!


In honor of the longest day of the year, the busy farmer worked his longest day of the year!  We were all tucked in for the night before he came inside, and as I laid down I thought of generations of farmers celebrating so much daylight with dedicated servitude to the land.

The kids and I celebrated in our own quiet way,  staying up late to watch the sun set on spring.  To welcome summer, we made a list of all the summer-y things we were looking forward to.  We don’t really need to make such a list to make sure these things happen–all of our summer to do’s are simple and routine parts of the season for us–but writing them all down helped get us excited for a season that felt so long coming this year.

We are ready for:   a trip to the beach!  surfing!  a swim at the creek!  some live music!  strawberry shortcake!  garage sales!  the zoo!  the amusement park!  blueberries by the handful!  fishing!  running through the sprinkler!  painted toenails!   blackberry cobbler!  Crater Lake!  hiking and camping without rain!  wild abundance!

Things like a trip to Hawaii were added in by silly children who are so blissfully unaware of the limits of reality and reason!

I have to say that I am feeling much more quiet and reserved about this particular summer than ever before.  I think the worry and waiting that this spring brought with it in the fields has caught up with me.  The thing I am most ready for is the abundance that warm weather brings in the fields.  The surety of the harvest.  Living seasonally is a wildly fulfilling way of living, but it also means that it isn’t always summer.  Some years, the less giving seasons hurt a little more than others.  But really, these sentiments are all too dim for such a bright and sunny summer morning.  So with the light of summer to hold onto, I will just shake off what is over and done with.  Good-bye spring, welcome summer!

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