father’s day

There are many ways to be a good father, and I am not sure one man can be them all.

The farmer is not one to wear the newborns we’ve made in slings, get up in the middle of the night and do a diaper change, or go through a night time routine each night that can turn from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the spunk left in these kids by the end of the day.

He has always been the worker bee.

He has, from day one of papahood, worked so hard to provide for this family.  When we met, why we married, it was all about raising a family together.  It was about a mother, home with the small ones, the most important thing to him.  It has always been my way to take care of the day in day out job of tending the little people while he spends most of his day hard at work.

Now that work is at home, he gets to weave fatherhood into his day more.  He will patiently slow down to enjoy working side by side the child who has come to visit him in the fields.  He will stop altogether sometimes to embark on a small project that someone comes to him with.  He will go out for his evening work with a baby on his back.

He is the wrestler, the one who takes them fishing, their own brilliant children’s muscisian who strums his guitar while singing the most hillarious songs made up just for them.  He does not remind them to brush their hair before coming to town nor notice if they have on a dirty shirt, and I think they appreciate the difference.

He does, however, gently set an example of right action.  He is the wise and just judge that hears many a children’s squabbles.  He is the helping hand a mama sometimes needs when their balance is momentarily lost.  He holds them to the important things:  kindness, fairness, respect.

He is such a good dad.

So here’s to a happy father’s day for the farmer!  He will be working (surprise, surprise!)…but at least not all day!  There will be dinner with his own wonderful papa (and mama) tonight, then to the lake for fishing.  Simple and fun, just right for him.

And a happy father’s day to all of the other wonderful papa’s out there too!  Such important people you all are.

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