This week on the farm…

  • was warm!
  • brought color to our skin
  • kept us out of doors all day
  • brought visible growth in the plants from one day to the next (this is always exciting when one has watched plants sit in the field growing so slow in the cooler weather!)
  • meant hard work–most of the whole main field was weeded and is almost entirely planted
  • was filled with near constant splashing after the pool was filled for the summer just in time for what was deemed “hot enough to swim weather” by the small folks around here
  • we picnicked repeatedly
  • the children and the farmer pitched the tent and slept outside
  • the farmer’s morning routine of slug hunting was less needed as the heat helped us kill a bunch of these nasty critters
  • we watered! (which just means that we are moving along in the season…a good thing!)
  • we negotiated the fine details regarding the up and coming strawberries (the farmer and the kids and I will be splitting them 80/20)  There is still debate brewing about this, because I think we could eat and preserve them all, but the farmer assures me there will be SO many, we will have to share…soon by the looks of things in the field!

We hope that wherever you are, either here with us in the Willamette Valley soaking up some much appreciated warmth and sun, or farther away with your own spring/early summer weather, that you enjoyed the feeling of excitement and business that comes as we work hard now getting ready to enjoy the coming dog days!

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