Spring, in earnest anyways, has been late coming this year.  There have been a few subtle shifts to let us know that March 20th did in fact come and start a new season–the days are longer, the frogs and birds louder and more lively.  It has even, admittedly,  been a wee bit warmer; but for the most part, it has still been cool, and most certainly, wet.  The wet is no surprise, but warm and wet is quite a different story from cold and wet.

And I feel so impatient.

I am ready to soak in the sun without a sweater on, to be absolutely done with fires in the woodstove, to have the windows open and the night air in our room without wool socks and comforters making it happen.  Maybe I am really just ready for summer and not spring, at least here in our spot in the Pacific Northwest.  But more warmth is what I want!

The consolation for my impatience, however, is that the world is coming alive slowly and surely, even if it is more slowly than it would if we had a few more 60+ degree days.  And when the sun does come out, it is so wonderful that I swear the earth is singing. The cherry blossoms come alive with the sounds of so many bees buzzing, and we begin to get a feel for what is to come–the wild abundance of warmer weather.

This winter on the farm was many things. It was the first winter that the farmer did not have to do some landscaping work in order to supplement the farm income.  In fact, this month marks his first year of full time farming, and we are pretty excited about that.  It means that we are not hustling like mad through spring planting and prepping while wrapping up work off the farm.  Everything is getting the care and attention it needs in early spring, and no one feels like they are going crazy.  The pace is busy and steady, but not rushed, and that feels so good.

And for the rest of us, this was a quiet, quiet winter.  We retreated into the warmth of our home and our new little baby.  We took it easy, stayed home, and were inside more than out.  It felt good, to just be with this new little person during the season when the weather and the pace kept things on the low down.

But part of the itching I feel for warm weather is an itching to be doing more.  The time of the earth’s contracting in and us along with it is over.  We both want to stretch out!

It is true that so very soon we will be busy, busy.  The warm that I long for will bring with it the rapid growth of those spring crops we wait so pensively for.  The other green things will want to grow fast too, weeding will take over our lives (in a very lovely way) and the summer market season will be here and we will be out and about seeing everyone again!

I can’t wait.

There is some blooming happening, and I am finding myself hard pressed to wait for it to be the whole world.  Come on spring!  We’re ready.

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