Beautiful and New

With the first day of spring just a little over a week away, we are seeing lots of new life here on the farm.  The biggest new little guy is keeping this farm mama very busy, and with him always in my arms, taking pictures has become a challenge.  But we are managing a few here and there, and I feel like we have a lot of fun stuff to share.  For today, just a few pictures of a small part of what is new and beautiful on the farm right now.

The greenhouse is full, and the starts much bigger since I last took the camera out.  So much new food growing, its always so exciting, especially at this time of year when our overwintered goods start to wear thin.

Animals, both of the feather and fur variety, are also responding to the change in seasons.  We finally have more eggs than our family can eat (which is quite a lot); feeding 50+ chickens for close to a year without any eggs to sell and sometimes none to eat is always enough to try our patience.  Thankfully, we always forget all about those grumpy poultry feelings once we hear those egg laying songs throughout the day again.   And our eggs really are the best! We are all in egg heaven right now, and have promptly fallen for those pesky birds once again.

And although there will only be one mammal giving birth on the farm this year, it happens to be the kind that makes the next cutest babies to me!  Our sweet goat, who came to the farm this winter already bred and was somehow named nothing more than Mama, had one lovely baby this month.  Goat kids are incredibly endearing, and although this crinkly nosed wonder still doesn’t have a name ( I am thinking he will just be Baby), he sure has stolen our hearts.

And although he’s not doing any farming quite yet, here are a few pictures of our little baby, halfway through his first year here on the farm!  Indeed, all this new life is enough to kick winter on its heels.  The energy of life bursting forth from small seeds and little hearts and hands is contagious.  I know we are all ready for it over here, how about you?

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