For now

we will be busy making Christmas–

the kids building blanket forts to serve as little elf workshops, mama in her brand new sewing/crafting room, and papa in the wood shop.

The children started making things for each other weeks ago, and it is nice to know that to them, Christmas primarily means a time of making things with your own hands for the ones you love.  It is true that they have been doing extra jobs around the house, and are planning on selling some ornaments they made this weekend at The Market, all to earn a few extra dollars to buy each other something from our favorite local toystore; but this palls in comparison to how many little things they are creating under desks or behind closed doors.  It is so sweet.

So, even though we will be hitting it hard again once the holidays pass, for now the seed catalogs can wait.  January will be busy with the what, when, and where planning, the seed ordering, updating the website and marketing stuff, reading up on some new ventures we will be taking next year, and gearing up for planting those first seeds in February!!

This Saturday is our last harvest of the year.  Then for two blessed weeks, we can celebrate each other, the quiet heart of winter, the return of the sun after the solstice, our wonderful friends and family, and simply make merry before we start the new season refreshed and ready to go!



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