Through their eyes

A few weeks ago, while we were all outside playing and I was snapping endless photos in my attempt to learn how to really make use of this great camera we have, the boys asked if they could take some pictures.  Luca has his own camera, and he shares it with Olorin some, but they wanted to use the big camera so bad!  And so, with much trepidation and an anxiously beating heart, I let them each take a few pictures with it, while I followed them around the farm and stayed close, but not to close, to make sure that the camera was treated with care.

We are lucky to have a pretty nice camera, a generous gift from Grandpa.  If something happened to it, we certainly couldn’t replace it, and that would be a bummer because I attribute half of the decency of the photos I take for the blog to the camera (the other half to finally learning to take a decent shot now that the better photographer is too busy farming).  It was nice to see that the boys naturally had a good sense of composition already.  Here’s a look at the farm through their eyes.

We have so many of these old White Oaks on the property.  The whole place must have been a grove at one time, only thinned out after they had grown, because they are all so perpendicular.  None had the chance to round out on the top and look beautiful like a lone oak can.  Now, without the support of one another close by, they look kind of gangly and awkward to me, but I have come to love them with time (I wrote about it here).  I have always especially loved the way they can capture the sky.  We have photographed them against the sunset or the night sky many times.  The boys must see this in them too.  They captured this bright blue autumn sky with these two.

They also snapped a photo of their play tree, and along with it, our view to the East: a big grass seed field (I could really think of 101 other ways to use this land).  But not to digress, if you look closely, you can see Mt. Hood in the distance, Luca’s dream mountain and where he asks to go every other week or so come winter in hopes of snowboarding.  Here and there, beauty…in between, not so much.

And although they did show just what a lot of this farm is made up of–WEEDS!…

there is also a whole lot of FOOD!  Even now, as we enter into winter!  There is so much more than in our first two years of growing year round; and with so much getting covered this weekend in anticipation of the coming cold (and snow maybe??), we really hope, and plan, to keep all of this food alive this year.

And of course, this farm is nothing if not their home.  Their place to explore and play, to feel the love from the land and the family living on it…to grow into themselves.

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