photo courtesy of Jim Jaillet

That’s what we are, all of us I know; but when it starts to feel like the days are whirling by too fast, I start to feel a real love/hate relationship for this place and e-mail and facebook and the whole world wide web.  Who really has time for it?

We didn’t have a home computer for so long, until just four years ago.  And as much research and reconnecting and keeping in touch and writing about our lives here on the farm (and any other random thing that comes into my mind) as I can do now with such ease, I can’t help but feel a bit of a love affair with those days without.

Even something like getting our farm newsletter together sits me in front of this thing for longer than I would like, while three munchkins race around me and one more either sleeps or nurses in my lap.  And yet, as much as I daydream about taking a sabbatical from this screen, the benefits of it all mostly make up for the time it takes away from moving and breathing and seeing in 3-D.

This year is the first that I have really kept up with this blog, the first where we semi-regularly kept a farm facebook page updated, the first that we gathered a contact list and e-mailed our lovely customers almost every week before farmer’s market; and the truth is, we have seen results.  We have gathered more and more regular customers, and most importantly, we have deepened the connection that these folks have with us.

One of the beautiful things about selling nearly all of our produce to someone we interact with face to face is that we get to talk to them.  We get to know a little bit about everyone, learn from them, be inspired by some, and genuinely look forward to seeing them each week.  Still, sometimes we are busy at market!  And this is good, but it limits talking time.  Our spaces on the computer allows us to share as much as we want…or can find the time for…and this broadens people’s understanding of who we are and what we are doing here on the farm.

It’s a blessing I should be thankful for, and I am.  Just like I am really also thankful for silly places like Facebook where I can share the smallest moment that touches me deeply and gives me pause, because how often do we get to speak with our friends those tiny, but significant, thoughts that we have in passing when the sunlight is just so, or the colors of the world just right, or the space around you so filled with Beauty.

Or Chaos, or whatever, from a good song to what’s for dinner.

It’s just that it is busy sometimes, and I need my space.  That is why I will never, probably, be writing here, everyday; but, building connections through computer time will continue to be significant and important.   When Andre’s father came to snap shots of The Market this week, things had only just gotten started and our table was already well shopped.  All of these things that are keeping us busy, busy, busy…they are all really good things.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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