To market, to market!!!

Although it happened without being planned, the babe and I spent almost all day at The Market yesterday:  he snuggled in his wrap sleeping soundly and giving everyone only a top of the head view of his baby cuteness, me working our market booth with the farmer for the first time since mid-August or so.  What a treat it was to see most of our CSA members and regular market customers again!  And what a treat it was to see it so bustling and busy!

Going into fall and winter, we can’t help but let worries sprout their ugly heads.  We can never count on the weather, but there is always more concern about what the weather will bring in the winter months than in the spring and summer.  There is always concerns about if enough was planted and if enough growth will be put on the plants before they just stop growing and sit out the rest of winter until the light and warmth return.  Will we have enough to harvest every week during these months?  Will our plans work out?

For the last two winters that we have tried this, they haven’t.  We have had weather that we were unprepared for and we haven’t been able to harvest, for the CSA at least, like we had hoped.   We have, however, always had vegetables to harvest.  And that is why we are so excited to have a farmer’s market to attend throughout the entire year.

But this is a new and young market, and it brought with it other concerns…could it draw enough folks to support us through the winter?

It has been such a relief, and such a testament to the great base of active, concerned, and savvy food shoppers we share this community with, to see that this market is already so vibrant at just its one-year mark.

And having a vibrant, year round market makes a world of difference!  Without the support of its community, small farms will not be there to provide their community with delicious and well grown products.  We are so grateful to all of you who are coming out each and every Saturday to see us.  And after such a long break from seeing everyone, it was really great for me to see all of you.  In previous years, when our Thursday market ended in October, there was always a whole lot of sadness to think we had more than 30 weeks off from market season.  Now, we get to continue without a break!  And for us, this means not only do we get to bring our own goods to town each week of the year, but we get to continue shopping from some of our favorite local vendors each week as well.

It also means that we get to keep our connection to the community, face to face, throughout the year.  Farmer’s markets are more than just a place to shop, for consumers and vendors alike.  They are a place for the community to gather, to grow connections, to become stronger and more unified, and most importantly, to have fun together!  I can’t say for sure that the baby and I will be there every week, but the farmer and our farm products will, thanks to all of you who will be there too.


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