November Blue

All through the month of October, I went back in forth, trying to decide if I should participate in NaNoWriMo.  Even though I have never been much for fiction writing, the idea of writing every day without worry and without editing felt very much like something I needed to do.  A stretching, of sorts, of these very tired writing muscles.  And it was just a bonus, since ostensibly I was just going to do it to support my son in getting his book written, one he has been planning and developing for well over a year, but not set down in words.

With much hemming and hawing, Halloween came and I still hadn’t signed up on the nano website, and then November 1 came and it was just one of those days.  Besides making it to a morning Farmer’s Market meeting, the rest of the day was a wash.  Nothing more than comforting the sweet (but fussy) baby and doing the dishes (from the night before) was really accomplished.  Even the farm newsletter, which had taken me the course of two days to finish with all the pumpkin carving, pumpkin cookie baking, apple cider warming, birthday party attending, mushroom hunting, and halloweening interruptions, had not been saved before I turned off the computer on Sunday and needed to be re-written (maybe).

I decided that this was clearly not the time, and that one-handed typing is just not fun enough to push myself when we are all busy with our normal busy-ness and the not-so-busy-ness of just being a new baby requires (allows).  Besides, I prefer rambling these personal semi-non-fiction blurbs on the blog better anyways, and thought that maybe, just maybe, a more reasonable goal would be to write every (other, or other, other) day here for now.

And it’s only four days into November, so I don’t feel too bad just getting here.  The last few days have been full of sunshine and warm temps and I can’t help but try to get outside as much as possible, to feel the sun on my face.  It has felt very cool and rainy to me these last few weeks, with less interludes of sun maybe, or more downpours than drizzles.  Either way, less blue is better for me right now.  I usually love the rain, but will take as much sun as November wants to give us.  Maybe it is because we are just now eating our summer watermelons.

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