A quiet beginning

With our little man arriving just days before the equinox, which so nicely fell on the same night as the harvest moon, I managed to miss them both.  We do generally like to celebrate the change in seasons–the solstices and equinoxes–magical days since time’s beginning, but this year we were busy celebrating a different magic, that which fills the home when a new little being enters the world.  The farmer, who cannot stop and let the world stand still in quite the same way as I did, came in that evening and called the kids out to see the rising moon.  They all said it was beautiful, and that was the extent of us noticing that it was, indeed, the first official day of fall.

So we decided to take a walk around the farm this week to see what signs of autumn we could find.  I had hopes of beautiful red and golden images, dried seed heads and rich, earthy browns–pictures of what fall looked like on the farm.  The reality is, however, that even though we have had rain and a bit of that crispness in the air on some days, right now it is warm again, even at night and in the morning (a feat this summer proper barely accomplished), and the fields are still full of green, our harvests still full of summer.  The only golden I could find was a sunflower, only recently bloomed, with a buzzing bumblebee busy at work.  Not exactly the image of a season changing.

Truth be told, we are happy for the feel of summer still, for gobs of vegetables still to harvest and ripening fruit.  There are only two weeks left of our Thursday Farmer’s Market, and we are finally harvesting in the amounts we should have been harvesting in since mid-July at least–what a crazy season!  The grapes are finally ripening, the tomatoes are finally overwhelming, and it’s already October!

But that’s ok, because October also brings with it crisp, red apples and sweet, orange-fleshed winter squash, not to mention better growing greens and less and less bugs.  It is called the harvest moon for a reason, our fields are full and ripe just like that rising moon I did not see.  Despite its quiet beginning, we really are welcoming fall with open arms, its abundance, on many levels, something entirely worth reveling in.

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