Turning thirty four

Relaxing on my birthday with Iron and Wine and Ray LaMontagne, knitting outside while the kids get wet, and sneaking in a trip to the creek to swim myself–I haven’t had more than my toes in yet this year!

Thirty-four–its the first age that seems both young and old.  This past year I have begun to see so much age in my face; outdoors all summer, getting so much sun and seeing so many wrinkles coming my way.  Still, I can’t help but find it all as it should be.  Life is full of stages, and moving along with them as you age is much more enjoyable than lamenting what you leave behind.  Each of the different time frames of my life has had its own beauty, but I can’t say any are better than the rest.  I think I shall gladly trade in a youthful face for the wisdom and peace of mind that each year seems to bring.

Unfortunately, the farmer will not be spending the day relaxing with me.  He was out early,  harvesting for Saturday Market and tomorrow’s CSA pick-ups.  He usually works on this all day and into the evening on Fridays, but he has plans to take a bit of a break to head over to the creek with us to swim and for a picnic dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.

Besides, he finally did something that allowed him to fully relax just last weekend–he went surfing!  For all practical purposes, it was his first time, but he really, really enjoyed himself.  And unlike me, who gets to the beach and is instantly, totally, relaxed, he does not enjoy just being at the coast.  He usually takes a nap, but now he has something to do.  He was pretty shot for farmwork the next day, being sore in muscles that he evidently doesn’t use for farming but were worked pretty hard out in that water.  It’s a hobby I could totally get behind since it involves my favorite place to get away to.  Maybe we can get back once more before baby arrives.  Either way, I am thankful for these bits of time in August to still enjoy summertime.  I am glad that we finally have become efficient enough on this farm to not feel guilty taking time off.  The farmer really rocks it now, and the kids and I tie up the loose ends just enough that together, we can hold together the farm business and the lovely farm life we are living.  Today is a good day to be getting another year older, it is good to see how far we have come.

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