“In the summer, the song sings itself”

It has been a full day.  Full of summer.

Today we:

  • harvested for Saturday’s market and CSA shares
  • gleaned a whole lot of strawberries for the freezer from our very kind farmer friends
  • swam in the pool (or knitted/read/made lists while watching the small ones swim in the pool)
  • drank gallons of water
  • got sweaty and hot and loved it (mostly)
  • picked cherries
  • washed and sorted and froze the whole lot of strawberries
  • cooked and ate three delicious farm meals
  • washed the dishes, swept the floor, and hung close on the line
  • read stories and played with the kitty and tucked the children in to bed
  • finished washing and bundling veggies under the stars

And this is why I didn’t work on this week’s farm newsletter all day.  But I am sure it is not just our family busy enjoying the song of summer, so I am thinking this week, the lovely harvest can mostly speak for itself.

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