A day away

Now that the weather has allowed us to play catch up on work that should have been finished those last few wet weeks of May, we took a Sunday to ourselves and ran away for the day.  Not far, just over to the coast, but it was a loaded trip.  We left at 4:00 am, arrived in Newport to the rising sun and spent the morning fishing, clamming, and playing in the still jetty water, wet sand, and rocky embankment.

Everyone was so in the moment that the early rise time and snacky breakfast and wet clothes didn’t even matter.  Times like these are so good for us, especially in the summer, when we don’t have regular kid’s activities filling up the schedule and enough work on the farm, always, to just spend every day doing just that–working.  The kids, of course, play on the farm as well as work alongside us; and since they are their own best friends, really, life is good on those days too.  Still, adventures make the everyday all the more beautiful.  And memories are easier to make, and keep, when you pack the car the night before and spend time driving, talking, and laughing at hours you normally would be sound asleep.

It was beautiful and warm and not at all windy until we packed up just before lunch and headed north a bit to meet Grandma and Grandpa for a picnic barbecue to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday at Devil’s Lake in Lincoln City.  More water to play in, more warm sun, paintings and cards and homemade gifts to give to Grandpa.

The day was so, so good.  And it wasn’t just the children who had fun.  The farmer, ever the utilitarian even on his day’s off, was giddy to come home with a bag full of clams and cockles.  He has, since the summer we met, been one to try to catch us shellfish, whether it was in hopes of feeding us as we hiked across an island with very slim rations, or questionable river crayfish that flavored our camping cookware for the rest of a trip around the country. It was endearing (and funny) then, and it is quite the same now.  It makes him smile, and really, this time, made for a fabulous clam chowder.  He even got to nap in the sun, perhaps his (now second) favorite beach activity.

We came home completely exhausted.  There was nothing more to do than pop some corn for dinner and crawl in to bed.  It was a perfect day.

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