Worth the wait

This is actually a photo from last week’s CSA harvest, but this week’s harvest is much the same, with some blushed leaf lettuce, lacinato kale, and the sweetest, most beautiful green onions as well.  The weather this last week, too, has been much the same–cloudy, cool, and wet.  But there was last Saturday, a bright, warm day where the sun more than said hello.  And this weekend looks to be even warmer.  In fact, right now, the whole of the extended forecast has a sunny image to accompany it, even though the temperatures will stay a little below average.  We are so ready for sun!

In the meantime, many things are gestating quite well.  We have beautiful cabbages, broccolis, and kohlrabis that have thrived this spring.  And some of the crops we have covered with recycled plastic this year are growing faster than our “normal”.  We have buds forming on our summer squash already!  We are doing constant battle with the bugs.  We have so many more slugs this spring; they love the cool, wet weather.  We have lost a lot of unharvestable lettuce and kale, and they continue to eat a small percentage of each cucumber planting we make.  The farmer has taken to placing an exorbitant amount of seeds out, and they get most of them.  But we just keep replanting these and other crops, like the beans whose earlier plantings have been so stunted by the wet conditions.  Still, even one really sunny day like last Saturday blesses us with a bit of green returning to the yellowed bean leaves and we find dead slugs all over the paths as they try to find a retreat from the heat.  Its a balance for sure, everything, between the positive and negative.

One of the biggest positives for us is that our fruit trees are loving all this water.  We will have to irrigate our newest plantings so much less this first year and they will be so far ahead next year because of this great start.  And our newest little human sprout is doing well too, almost 2/3’s of the way grown with a very comfortable mama.  Even though I prefer the sun on my skin, I can’t help but feel grateful not to be hot…yet.  Soon enough, all the flowers will be blooming and we will all be back outside all the time, with our summer vegetables and our picnics and barbecues.  When we returned home from The Market last Saturday, the sun had opened some of our cheery, summer flowers, the poor buds of which have just been sitting there, waiting.  All of our waiting is almost over, and small surprises and delights, just around the corner.

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