Back in the Swing of Things

After what has seemed like a long winter and spring, with no early season harvesting for the CSA, we are so thrilled to be back at it. This week marks the first week of not only our CSA harvests, but both of our Farmer’s Markets as well! In a way, without those early CSA harvests, even up until Wednesday morning, and through the first harvest Wednesday and Thursday morning, it all seemed a bit surreal.

Maybe it was due to the last week of unseasonably cold and rainy weather, but until we got to market yesterday and started to see all our wonderful customers and farm members and the thriving market bustling as ever, it didn’t quite feel like the season was here. Even after three years of this routine, our first harvest this week was a little fumbly, our rhythms not quite keeping time.

Even after getting things in order in the wash station and upgrading certain tools and amenities–we built a nice walk in cooler that can fit all the veggies we harvest at the same time allowing for some extra harvest time on Wednesday and less concern about rotating and keeping things wet with just one refrigerator to use—we still felt slow.

Thankfully, it did just feel like a warming up, a getting used to being in the swing of things, and being back in the swing of things feels so good!

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