Spring awakening

Now that we are almost a full month into spring, a good four months into the new year, and well, a few months more than that since the last blog post,  it seems well past time to begin filling these pages again with some farm news.  A farm is quiet in the winter, but our lives are not; so to say that this quiet is an excuse for such a quiet blog doesn’t really cut it.  The truth is I lost a lot of steam for sharing our lives here on the farm last summer when I was wading through the grief that came with losing my parents both expectedly and just as surprisingly, unexpectedly.

Time was all I needed;  but having a community supported farm such as ours requires us to keep up with the giving of the fair share of our personal self that is part of the package, the part that continues to foster a connection between land, farmer, and eater and makes what we offer that much more meaningful and sustaining.   It was hard, but thankfully it meant that at least almost every week of the season I had a CSA newsletter to upload to the blog, to keep things from completely coming to a halt here.

The beauty of the rising sun is the promise of a new day.  It often feels like anything can happen when the earth sings itself awake each day.  And no matter if the day proves a wash or we stumbled and tripped on our path halfway through, come night, we sleep, and wake each day to that promise.  This is the same feeling that spring brings, only magnified by the presence of not just the promise of good things to come for us, but the bursting forth of new life from the ground, in hatching eggs, and baby goats and lambs.  There is so much solace in this, and so much energy.

So here on the farm, our family has moved right along with the seasons and jumped fully into spring, letting the sun fall on our skin again here and there in between the rain.  We are outside and in the dirt often; some of us to dance, others to get dirty, and the farmer and I, to work.  And as the body remembers the feeling of hard work again and we slowly harvest what is left of the dying winter garden while at the same time bringing it all back to life for another season, it all feelslike the beginning of the day.  Brand new, exciting and exhilirating, full of hope and the unshakable sense that anything can happen and it is all going to be good.

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