After this week’s pick-up, we will have just three more pick ups for 2009! It is hard to believe; like this summer, the fall season is just flying by. And although not much needs to happen in that time in the fields, we do have to finalize and bring together all the details for 2010 in just a few weeks. The planning happens, in many ways, all season long as we respond to the way things unfold, always looking for ways to improve our service and find the things that work best for our farm, its land and its folks. We are already so excited for next year, and are happy to be bringing this year to an end with abundance and a feeling of success with small but measurable growth!

And since this is Thanksgiving week, here is a list of some more of the things we are thankful for, in addition to the above, that we will fill our gratitude tree with this week:

*Our family, our togetherness, letting the world rush by without us.

*So much laughter…our house is the funny house.

*Fresh paint

*Good books and great music

*Ever improving soil and more wiggly worms.

*Baby goats and farm fresh eggs.

*Friends, past and present, that make life so rich.

*A bustling market stand and busy Farmer’s market.

*Heater-Allen Brewing

*The best CSA members ever!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you all so much for being a part of this adventure with us!

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