On the farm

Sometimes, I feel like there is no farm news to share, especially at this time of year. Ask me about family time, reading and writing and arithmetic, sewing and knitting, baking more, and crazy fall cleaning…then I might have a lot to say! True, all of this takes place in the context of your farm, because the farm is our home and everyday landscape as much as it is our job too. We take our little walks down into the trees to mark the changing of the seasons, seeing how our one special spot can change so much from month to month. We walk the pastures with the goats and chickens, our youngest an animal girl from the start. What we don’t do much of anymore, is visit the vegetables. They don’t need much from us, and if they do, like the leeks and their weeds, it is hard to put that task at the top of the list, knowing that the weeds will be dying back soon and the leeks will outgrow them in time. We do keep a close eye on the new field and the rain as it comes. We have cabbages, chinese cabbages, turnips, kale, purple peacock broccoli, mispoona, and lettuces planted down there in what goes underwater as winter progresses. It doesn’t usually happen until after the first of the year, so we planned on harvesting things up through this month and next. The heavy rain keeps us on edge, but so far so good. In fact, that sums up the news from the farm as we venture into winter, so far so good…what more could we hope for!

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