Fall Update

Well, despite much grumbly mumbling and heavy feet dragging, I have to admit that I must have been temporarily out of sorts when I begged summer to stay longer. This autumn is proving to top all expectations I could have had for it, so many sunny, crisp fall days exploding with gold and amber. Even the foggy, cloudy days with the changing trees on the horizons, dark mountains to both sides….I can’t believe how beautiful this place is. And the fire truly is a wonder unto itself, the toasty warmth it brings to a home when the cold is knocking on the doors from without. More time during the day for walks and explorations, more time in the night for our family to be together, each quietly engaged in our loves….reading, quietly playing the guitar, drawing, building, and telling stories.

There is farming to be done too, but it isn’t done in the fields so much, except on harvesting days. There are animals to feed in the morning, and planning for next year, and although the list is long and won’t all be attended to, there are farm projects to take care of during these cooler months. Right now it is the new greenhouse that we are focusing on, which is moving forward with the help of our good friend/farm member/farm helper extraodinaire. After losing the plastic greenhouse last spring while it was still full of tender seedlings and throwing away more plastic than I ever care to again in a lifetime, we have decided to build a glass greenhouse. It will be great to have a more permanent place to start our seedlings, and to have this concern covered for the time being. It is really not long before we start seeds for next year, as crazy as that seems now!

Meanwhile, we watch the leaves fall to the ground offering the promise of new growth next year. We begin to celebrate in earnest the holidays that see us through the dark and cold months of the year, focusing on the sweetness of the season, as plant compounds turn from starch and bitter to sugar and sweet, the warmth and light we can create in our homes and communities through giving and receiving, the importance of gratitude, and the continuation of life even with death. At the heart of these celebrations, we find our own home filled with special foods and special meals. Summer has its picnics and barbecues and very exuberant holidays too, but the fall and winter holidays are of the home and the hearth. We are happy to have the opportunity to offer two by order holiday harvests this year for those of you who will be cooking extra or making special dishes to celebrate this year! We will have details for Thanksgiving week orders soon!

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