Autumn Harvest

Even though this month has been wonderfully warm and we have been holding on to the tail end of a great summer as tightly as we could, September is almost behind us and there is no denying that things are in transition here at the farm. The cucumbers are done for the year, most of the winter squash have been harvested. The kids pulled there first pumpkins from the field and carved them just because. The sunflowers have all tipped their heads to the ground, there’s not enough sun left in the day to lift their yellow faces to. The very last thing to be planted in a year on the farms will be in the ground soon, garlic for next year.

September harvests begin to show a change in harvest items, October even more. Both are a mix of the last of summer’s goodies with the next wave of cool weather crops. The fields hit their high point in September, and because we plant so much for the fall and winter, we see a kind of plateau here in abundance through the rest of the year. It isn’t until around the winter solstice when we have to harvest more discreetly, knowing that the growth that plants have put on until this point it is until things pick back up in early spring. It is is hard for us to believe that Farmer’s Market ends in just two short weeks…we still have so much food to harvest!

Because of this, we are spending a lot of time shoring up where we will be selling all of this food. To verify for all of you, we will be making CSA harvests through all of October and November and December 1, 8, and 15. We will then offer, by order, a holiday harvest the following week. This will finish out 2009, and we will announce our 2010 CSA details that December as well to existing members, and we will go from there for next year!

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