Tonight, I reside inside a Maxfield Parrish painting. The white oaks black outlines, with mad purples and pinks and peach swirling through the sky. There is no wind to lift my head to, no cliff to stand on, this isn’t “Ecstasy”; as joyful as we are, as in love with each other, this life and this land, there is a melancholy that sits with me this summer, I know a feeling that lingers after the passing of my parents. It it double edged, because even as I feel this, I also feel my perspectives have become unlimited with this experience, I feel my compassion, my understanding, my clear belief in meaning in this life, in the purpose of love and family and all things human, has expanded beyond limit. It is heart wrenching, both in how sad it can be and how beautiful it all is.

Farming this year is a bit like this as well. In all ways, our best year yet. A good sign, and each year should be our best. But I have a feeling that each year will come with some sharp points to. A farmer friend we talk with at market joked that with farming, it is a good year when you don’t want to bang your head against the wall, really hard, or something to that affect. It was a joke, but it was also very funny. Funny because, as much as we have been able to ride the waves that this year has brought, it can take its toll.

Will there be a year when all the crops do well and there are no weather impediments, no seed variables, no undone tasks? Doubtful! I know that we will just have to roll with things, and plan for some amount of missed deadlines, crop
failures or mishaps, unpredictable weather, which we do. We will have to accept that it is not reasonable to expect a “perfect” year, and that once something has happened, our sanity lies in assessing what we can do from there, and gracefully moving forward. Isn’t that really the way to make it through all of life, bending and bowing to the wind rather
than remaining rigid, only to break in the end.

We are already making our plans for next year, the changes we will make, the next year’s goals. It is hard to see that more than one of this year’s goals weren’t met, but better to see that some of those most important to us were realized, and that although the year isn’t at a close by any means, from our perspective right now, it has been a success. Soon, we will have a short survey for all of you wonderful farm members. We haven’t done this before, because as we evaluated our first two seasons, there were some major issues to address, ones that were blatantly clear to us, we didn’t need to ask anyone else.

But now, we have a few questions to put to you, to see where some things will take us next year. It is all of you, so many of you sure support from the beginning, that have brought us to where we are, and you and the CSA program are the ongoing heartbeat of our farm operation. We look forward to continuing to grow together, in all kinds of weather!

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