Summer’s Rhythym

Summer Sunset

Time, is finally keeping a nice, steady pace; a steady, but loud, thumping through the days, not fast like spring, but not slow and bassy like winter. The longest day has come and gone. Midsummer’s day, a day that I can’t help but feel two ways about, announces the start of summer, and in this way it is just the beginning of the thick of this season; but it also brings us up and over the hill and on the way back down according to the calender. Still, the sun today was up and pretty bright around 5:00 am, and luxuriously, it will not set until almost 10:00 tonight. Such long days, so much light—that is why we beat such a steady rhythm. There is not really less to do now, but more time to do it. It hasn’t always felt like this for us in the dog days of summer. The third year round here in the fields has just finally taught us how to keep time on the farm and to enjoy the beat while we do it. A little less frazzled, a much nicer sound.

Things are growing well in the fields. It looks like the first tasty beets and summer cabbages will be ready for harvest soon, the beets a little late due to that week of weed pressure that we had to live through when I went back home, but catching up quickly now that we have caught back up with the weeds. And although we don’t do anything to hurry the ever popular summer favorites, they are all flowering, which means before we know it we will be tasting cucumbers and zucchinis and green beans, even cherry tomatoes soon! We don’t worry so much about trying to get these crops early, and if you are anxious for them, let me tell you why. When they begin, when summertime comes to Oregon, there is just so much of these crops! Summer crops produce so abundantly, and from our perspective, it is easier to get tired of them than the sweet, tempered harvests of the rest of the year. This isn’t to deny that when we begin harvesting these crops, we all won’t be excited! The flavor of summer is distinct just like the flavor of the other seasons…and we love each one for that!

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