Summer (and Farmer’s Market) Arrives!

Memorial Day has come and gone, the weather is nice and warm, and it is the last week of the May month. We are no longer moving forward to that something–the barbecues, the wading pools, the longer than long days, cold drinks by outside fires; we have arrived…summertime is here! At least in our minds, that is, with the beginning of farmer’s market this week. Up until this year, this would mark the start of harvesting for both CSA and market, what we have always thought of as our “main” season, winter and spring the touchy but tasty shoulders to the big bulky body of summer growing. Not that there is much of summer showing in the harvests yet. Having harvested thoroughly almost all that we overwintered (just the fava beans and walla walla onions left), it is funny to still find ourselves in that leary in between place before there is a wide range of new crops to choose from for harvests. Still the turning of the weather and the lengthening sunlit hours all tell these crops to grow, grow, grow.

Soon, the CSA too will be growing for this increase in production and every Thursday for the next 20 weeks we will attend market. By the end of this week, there will be morning milkings, and this year’s pigs will be brought to the farm. Although we will be using the long nights to linger over sunsets and the warmer weather to get together with friends, we won’t really being spending too much time away from the farm for the next five months. Knowing this, we planned ahead to go camping with our homeschool group last week, and a nice little trip it was, even though we couldn’t help but go back and forth days before about whether or not one of us shouldn’t stay. That is why we booked it ahead, knowing how we feel about leaving the farm with so much life to look after. In the end, the timing was perfect. With most of our big planting done for the year, it was great to take a few days away before we knew we wouldn’t want to leave.

And aside from signaling the start of summer for us, the coming of market also means that for the next 20 weeks, locally grown food can can be easily found and purchased directly from the producer. The market has really grown since we moved here five years ago. Now one can easily purchase the bulk of their groceries from the market, with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables coming weekly, and safe and healthy chicken, lamb, beef, and pork meat available, cheeses and butter, honey, wine and beer. And although the main emphasis is on the farmers at market, buying from the artisans at market for yourself or for gifts for the year, along with other 3rd street vendors provides support to those living and creating right where you live, with names and faces you can become friends with. Here is a link to this year’s main vendor list: Mac Farmer’s Market. We highly recommend stocking up on some of your most favorite produce and preserving it through canning, freezing, fermenting, or dehydrating throughout the summer months so that during the farm’s week’s off in the middle of winter, you still have plenty of healthy, local food to eat!

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