Happy May!

Although the rains started just after our May Day guests left for the night last Friday, and have stuck around either intermittently or full force through today making the ground too wet to plant the seeds of most of our summer crops now that we safely can, the moisture does make for a good excuse to get caught up on some of our inside to do list. With Farmer’s Market beginning just three weeks from this Thursday, but wonderful weather and long planting lists this spring making it too hard to work inside, I was beginning to feel the crunch to finish up some of the work we started this winter in the marketing department.

Our first year, of course, we worked on all of this stuff. But then year two came and we cut way back on what we were attempting to do as well on how much outreach and promoting we were doing. It was easier to go bare bones for that second year, to recoup some energy and steam and to give the family a little more priority. On top of this we changed computer systems mid-summer last year, leaving our brochures and logos and such all on a back-up drive that our current system can’t open. Besides, as we planned on growing our CSA and market stand this year, we finally decided that we needed a printed sign to replace the handmade chalkboard sign that was cute but impossible to read, and we were also ready to commission a friend to make a sign for the farm itself. We needed to either recapture our old logo or start all over. We decided to start over, and the late afternoon rain yesterday saw the completion of that part of the process, allowing me to finish up a bunch of this office work while it rained even more today. Now, the newsletter is getting written nice and early without a thought about not being outside weeding or planting.

Even though it is hard to say whether or not I wouldn’t trade all of this for being able to finish the cucumber and bean and onion plantings as planned, all in all, the crazy rush of spring planting has gone so smoothly, things all getting planted on time and growing so well this year, a few rainy days to work inside isn’t causing panic like it might in other years. The melons, winter squash, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant can( and should) wait a bit anyway. Lettuce successions can easily catch up, and there will always be weeding! Even though my dreams are of snow and rescuing tomato plants, the truth is that we are relaxed and fully enjoying ourselves with this farming thing for the first time this year. The Maypole in our orchard, ribbons blowing in the wind, stands like a blessing over the farm. It is going to be a great year!

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