Nice night gives way to bad day…it must be spring!

As Scott’s comment on Andre’s picture post on Saturday of last Friday’s beautiful weather warned, the day to come was terrible on more than one level. Sure, the sun gave way to grey clouds and rain…in a way that was welcome. We had been able to get a bunch of tilling done while the ground was dry and the days were warm, and with some of that work done, we didn’t mind the drier than normal Willamette Valley getting some much needed rain. But more than the grey and the rain replacing that wonderful sun and warmth, it was the incredible wind, so very windy on our own very unprotected piece of the pie. I came back from town and spotted the crushed, broken, ripped, and ruined greenhouse as I rounded the last bend towards our home. I don’t curse and didn’t this time, but the word did sound in my mind. I was sure I would find Andre upset, but he wasn’t. The seedlings were fine…they just didn’t have a home anymore. Now we have them in our small tunnel hoophouses and back in the front room by the south windows were we started all of our seeds our first year around. This is all less than ideal, though not terrible. The brassicas we put in the tunnel hoophouses are now going to be much warmer as the smaller space will heat up quicker, we just can’t walk in and water/thin/fertilize in an easy, efficient manner.

And it is in the midst of seeming contradictions that we can be assured we have made our way to spring. The ever changing weather, the new season’s steps forward and back, the beginning of something new albeit old….March, the ambivalent month. Still, it is a forward moving month, and although we are trying to stay in the moment, in the very beginning of it all, the first buds and new growth, rather than jumping ahead to the thick of it all, soon we will have rounded the corner and come more squarely into more predictable times on the farm. Hopefully we can move forward ourselves to more predictable farming. We can start with a well anchored, durable greenhouse come next spring’s winds!

2 thoughts on “Nice night gives way to bad day…it must be spring!

  1. I am happy that the seedlings survived! Hope all is well with you and yours! We enjoyed a planting today in hopes that the snow would blanket the cold crops tommorrow and give them a wet boost to sprouting! We just ate the final bit of cabbage from last year, and are anxiously awaiting the tomato season, as our supplies are dwindling! Looks like you all are doing well, and dont let a little wind get you down…remember what the wind is like back here on the plains!!! Much love to you, and best wishes for a very busy and enjoyable planting season! Enjoy!!! Shanna.

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