Hope for the Future

Two things have been at the forefront of our minds this last week, two things that we hope have the potential to affect the future…for the better. Politics is something often talked about in our home, but not something I ever feel inclined to talk about on this front or even with many friends. It is such a sticky mess to get into, a place where people feel so strongly and where issues tend to be almost as divisive in this country as religion is in other parts of the world . Still, since we don’t fit nicely into most boxes, politics are no exception; and finding ourselves neither red nor blue makes us less likely to offend and more likely to be considered crazy or naïve. So the big question here isn’t McCain or Obama (even if we do lean), we are too cynical to believe they don’t both represent a broken system and besides, we won’t be giving any votes to anyone who voted for the bailout. What interests us much more is what we are making decisions on about here in our town, county, and state. We do believe good things can happen on this level. So we hope to protect our groundwater and keep some farmland around by voting Yes on Measure 36-119 prohibiting the landfill expansion within 2000 feet of floodplain, we are voting for Kris Bledsoe to bring a new voice to the county, and for Michael Paine for the position of Soil and Water director Zone 4, another small direct market sustainable farmer (Gaining Ground Farm in Yamhill). Higher up the chain…well we tend to vote for third parites so we know those recommendations won’t go far! Whatever way you go, the important part is taking part in your democracy on all levels. Our hope is that we will actually be represented on the local level..it seems clear that the folk in Washington mostly have their own agenda.
The second thing we have been working on is a couple of youth education events. These, we hope, hold even more promise for a brighter future than the ballot. Our farm hand, Jessy Aguilar, represented us and veggie growing in general at Memorial school this morning in an effort to connect kids to their food and farmers, and today a group of homeschoolers will watch a CSA harvest in action, again with the help of Jessy so we can work full steam ahead. Our hopes…that talking about food with farmers, seeing a small farm and food growing from the ground will inspire good eating/purchasing choices and future farmers!! Really, as many changes as we wish to see on the federal level, we know that change on the local level is as powerful and effective at creating a better world as anything. On the most basic level, our own selves, our homes, our communities, can all be a mirror for the rest of the world.

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