Summer’s End

September’s Baccalaureate

September’s baccalaureate
A combination is Of Crickets-Crows_and
And a dissembling Breeze
That hints without assuming–

An innuendo sear

That makes the Heart put up its Fun
And turn Philosopher.

Emily Dickenson

As this is the last official week of summer, with the harvest moon rising last night and the equinox next Monday, this week’s vegetables represent some of summer’s best offering, veggies that may seem like you’ve had too much of, but soon will be gone from our plates and have no comparable substitute for themselves, fresh and ripe in the heat of summer. Now is the time to still enjoy fresh tomato dishes like gazpacho or salsa fresca, to layer those juicy slices on sandwiches and burgers from the grill. Stuff a zucchini and make cucumber salad, before we know it the weather and with it, the veggies will change. This isn’t to say that this is the end of these goodies. As late as some things came this summer with its cool beginnings, we look forward to harvesting these summer treats until that really cool weather comes. In fact, autumn truly is harvest time, with all the long season vegetables finally maturing while we still enjoy the last of the fruits of summer–the best of both veggie worlds. September is like that too, a summer day flirting with the neighboring autumn breeze, a wonderful time of the year.

Farm Potluck Please join us for an end of summer celebration!
When: September 27

15660 SW Briedwell Rd.

Enjoy a trip to the farm and a time to say good-bye to summer and usher in a new season with fellow farm members as well as our greater community of friends. We will share food, fire, music, and fun! RSVP by phone or e-mail.

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