This week…

We baked in the sun, but the veggies loved the heat and we could use some more of it to ripen some of those heat lovers out in the field!

Relished the thunder, lightning, and rain that followed the heat and refreshed all of us, animal, vegetable, and human alike!

Spent all of my newsletter writing time yesterday trying to get our truck back home from town because the ignition is not working (Uhhhgg!)

Said good-bye to family as they headed back home for California.

Enjoyed some intensely beautiful sunsets all week and a lovely full moon.

Feasted on the first of our meat chickens. We were afraid to raise the standard chicken breed used for meat because although the cross of a cornish chicken and barred rock chicken produces a fast growing (6-8 weeks rather than 16-24) bird with large breasts, we had heard that these birds didn’t’ forage at all and just sat by the feeder eating feed and getting big so fast that they could hardly walk. However, after a year of roosters raised for a longer period that ended up being so tough that they all became soup birds, we decided to try for some chicken we could roast. We were so pleasantly surprised. We started them in our green house which has a grass floor and had plenty of mustard starts that we weren’t planting. From the beginning these birds foraged for green stuff in addition to eating grain, but never once have they gorged on grain and not ranged for bugs and good green matter. They are healthy in all ways, (they do indeed mature quickly), like every other chicken we have raised the birds are delicious !!

We were one of three farms featured in The Oregonian today in their Market Watch where they did a write up on the McMinnville market!!

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  1. It was a sincere compliment on your writing, Sheila, as well as your farming skills. Glad you liked the column, and good luck with your endeavors!

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