Home grown fun

The heat of the days are finding us in the heart of summer. After a push to get weeds knocked down, the field in mid-summer could almost see us a little less. Aside from rotating our irrigation system, the crops themselves are all big enough to take care of themselves for the most part. They have outgrown most of the spring bug pressure and with the big weeds out of their way and a lot of sunshiny warmth, they now fill in most of the beds to where we don’t have to spend quite as much time hoeing or hand weeding around them. This break always gives us the illusion of maybe being able to take a full weekend off here or there for some bigger summer activity. July is full of great options.

Still, this month when the field is just quietly setting fruit is also the month when we are looking towards winter. All of the crops that will feed us, and you, through those colder months are seeds to be sowed at this time of year. So we continue to work these long days while we have them so that when it is darker than light we still have fresh and nourishing food to bring to the table. We cancel the plans for a three day trip away from the farm, and instead enjoy the warmth from outside our own homes and take to the festival that our own community hosts.

In the end, when there is a lot of potential stress generated on a daily basis by parenthood and entrepreneurship, and that entrepreneurship being farming related, a big trip away is almost more stressful than relaxing. It is nice to feel that this piece of land, and this community (not that we have totally given up our wandering boots!), provide ample opportunity for summertime fun. When we imagined our farming life, we imagined long winter vacations. Perhaps those days will come, but even that can’t entice us away from this place and the desire to provide food year round. For now, we are content with a summer, and winter, of home grown fun. We hope that all of you are enjoying the food and fun of summer as well!

2 thoughts on “Home grown fun

  1. It can be pretty hard to leave the farm in summer, huh? We just came off of 2 trips, 3 and 5 days, since the beginning of the month. Not exactly a recipe for a relaxing vacation, with the worries about how everything fared, but it all worked out well. And I even relaxed a little bit…

  2. yea i agree it is hard to leave the farm life. i am in college and it is the hardest thing i have ever done was to leave the farm i miss everything about it the smells and the chorse and everything like that. once it is in your blood it will be there forever. it is truly my life.

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